Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pinterest Inspiration

This card was inspired by a card that I saw on pinterest. The color idea was from my daughter. I just asked her to give me 2 colors quick without thinking. And she said blue and purple. She did know what I wanted the colors for. So that kinda made my task a little hard. I didn't think those colors went together well at all. But I did it. Ir came out cute. The plaid paper was cute from a sheet but the rest were scraps. I'm pleased how it came out. And my daughter said that's why you asked me for 2 colors. Its cute.

Now this card was motivated by the fact that I hate this color combo. I have seen the combo on curtains, bedding pillows etc. I don't like it. I think its an ugly combination. I saw this ribbon at meijers and thought what the heck. I am forcing myself to work out of my comfort zone. Step out and start working with colors that I don't normally work with. So this is my take on it. And this card is also made from scraps. And I am pleased with this card to. And look at me trying to put a lil scrunch up with the ribbon.

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