Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Cards and a Few More

Here are just a few of my Christmas cards. I am disappointed to say that this is not all of them. I made approximately 20 cards  and was so busy sending them off that I forgot to take a pic of them. Some of them were pretty cute if  I do say so myself. I really wish I had remembered to take pic of them. There was a couple of shaker cards. First attempt was ok but the second one was on point. I think they show some of my talent and skills that I have been trying to nurture. Trust me they were really good ones. But here are pictures of the 1's I did remember to take a pic of. I think I am getting better. I did the gift card route for my sis and my daughter. So I made gift card holders for them also. There is even a fall card in the batch. I also had 2 birthdays..for the new year..jan. 1st and 3rd. Hope you like them. Im getting there. Im getting there.

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