Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Own Craft Blog Challenges

I really want to start doing my own challenges. Don't get me wrong..i do enjoy the challenges that I participate in but there is still some challenges I would like to see presented. I know there are some things I need to do. Like for 1 I need to get better at blending. 2. I am kinda confused on digistamps. I get it some what. But all the best ones I want to do are not free. Although they aren't costly I am not willing to pay for every one that I like. So I use black/white images. I want to understand the downloading process and saving it. I haven't seen very many good free digistamps so I guess I will keep looking. Please anyone share if they know any good ones. 3 I have to build my tools a little more also because I want to be able to do anything when I present a challenge and 4 I know I need a better following. When I get these down I will start introducing my own challenges. Are there any tips that you can share with me?

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