Monday, October 14, 2013


I had my kindle for about a month and a half and searched and searched for a cover I liked. I went to stores and searched on line. I found nothing. And so I was crafting(1 of my favorite things) and a thought came to me that should have come to me a while ago. Y don't I make my own cover. So I started looking thru my supplies and came up with this great cover. I love it..I made it look how I wanted to look and frankly it turned out better than I thought. I have gotten lots of complements. Some people I tell I designed it myself and sometimes I just bask in the moment of the compliment.
I knew I wanted to spend next to nothing on the cover since I was going to do it myself. I found the case on overstock for $5 and I already had everything else. The first pic is the front of the kindle cover and the second pic is the back of the kindle holder insert that holds the kindle. I glazed them both in resin. It gave it a nice shine. And of course I added some bling.

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