Thursday, October 31, 2013

Micheals Class This Month

Micheals had another getting to know your cricut expressions class. Of course I went to it. Once again I was the only 1 there. I would have liked to chit chat with fellow crafters but no one else showed up. I guess people are very familiar with there machine. I am more familiar with mines too but I wanted to get out and enjoy myself without the kids. I did also check out some tutorials suggested by Lena of  Lena Creations. Thank you. Great info.
So we got 4 projects done. Well 2 but each project we did them in 2 colors. So this is my before and after. When I got home amongst my tools I embellished and dressed them up. They really turned out great. My personal favorite is the yellow basket and the brown tea cup. The cartridge that we used was Tags Bags Boxes and More 2. It doesn't have much on it. I think like six projects but what is on there I think is interesting and I may get it. I have thought of all kind of ideas that I could use these for. Especially the basket.

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